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We, nor our World, would exist if wonderful, Creating Forces would not be present in the Universe.

Although we only can look at these Creations with admiration and astonishment,

everyone of us also has Creation Spark within, which is called ..... CREATIVITY.

For me, Creativity is the Life Energy that wells up from within that allows us to Create beautiful books, poems, sculptures, music compositions, but also architectural and otherwise artfully designed objects. However, it also includes the 'ordinary things of everyday life', such as preparing a delicious dish, forging a friendship or the Creation of an association for the benefit of the community. Without us perhaps realizing it, Creations give color and a SOUL to our society.

In my opinion, the World needs now, more than ever, 

Creations from the HEART, which will positively influence the Energy in the world.

This was the main motivation for me to shape SARTISFACTION.

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