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Create a fulfilling life

We were born on this beautiful planet with a high sensitivity and an intuitive mind, which are the essential qualities to create. But with the passage of time, upbringing, schooling, friends, and careers can have a strong influence on the intensity and awareness of our creative abilities. As a result, intuitive and creative skills can easily be overshadowed by the focus on material things. Without realizing it, our lives can gradually become a succession of all kinds of obligations, in which we get less and less time for the satisfying and life-giving creative pursuits. But to live a truly fulfilling and balanced life, it's essential to remember, maintain, and develop your creativity. How poor our cultural heritage would be without the creations of writers, poets, painters, sculptors, composers, singers, entertainers and other creators.


Without realizing it, these creators add happiness, enjoyment of life, inspiration and Light to our lives. Try to feel whether the balance between 'Having' and 'Being' is still in balance for you and consider an adjustment if necessary. Try to remember what hobbies and activities gave you pleasure and satisfaction in your childhood. And when and where you were when you experienced the timelessness of these blissful moments of life.... ​


With the overview of my creations I hope to inspire you to explore your own creativity and to open yourself up to making your own creations. See what resonates, remember your own treasured creations and creative skills that gave you pleasure. And imagine a life enrichment where creative activities fill you with satisfaction and inspire others to be part of the Creative Reawakening of our World...

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