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For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for creating. With the shining example of my parents, the creative skills were in fact instilled in me from a young age. Even in my early childhood, not a birthday or Sinterklaas celebration went by for my brother Gerrie and me without receiving scale models of boats, airplanes and cars as a gift and then putting them together as quickly and as well as possible.

A little later I joined the model building club with my brother during high school, where the challenges of assembling or building scale models gradually increased.

Furthermore, the frequent visits to my very creative uncle Sjef Drummen and many of his creative children in his large studio on the Heerlerbaan, a suburb of Heerlen, are still etched in my memory. Perhaps it was his enormous versatility that also broadened my creative portfolio; because he made watercolors, oil canvases, pen drawings, wooden statues, bronze statues, ceramics and Stations of the Cross, with a good chance that I am forgetting something...

I would like to invite you to view the various 'creation families' of my portfolio; each is introduced by a brief description or a single anecdote. I hope watching it gives you at least a fraction of the pleasure I got from making it. And if, in addition to having fun, it can also encourage you to take up your own creative process, that would be absolutely great.​



paintings & drawings


sculptures & objects

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arty interior designs

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vedic art

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