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Vedic Art was founded by the Swedish artist Curt Källman (1938-2010). The seed of Vedic Art was planted many years ago when Curt began his inner journey to express himself freely on canvas.

An important part of the method is “The Seventeen Principles of Art and Life”. Curt Källman learned the names of the Principles in 1974 from the famous Indian meditation teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (1918-2008). Curt Källman developed the substantive and pedagogical approach to the Vedic Art method in the 1970s-1980s.

The Vedic Art method was founded in Sweden in 1988 by Curt Källman.

The word “Vedic” comes from Indian Sanskrit, which means knowledge or wisdom. The fundamental concept of Vedic Art is that we all, from birth, have within ourselves great creative power and knowledge. Painting is an important tool to unfold these inner resources so that they can be used in a concrete way in life and in art. The only way to access the content of Vedic Art and the Seventeen Principles is to take a Vedic Art course taught by a Vedic Art teacher.

The method requires no prior knowledge. Everyone is welcome!

Vedic Art painting

With regard to my passion for Vedic Art, I am regularly asked how this painting method relates to classical painting?

The difference between classical painting and Vedic Art is that classical painting (often) starts from the image of the desired creation (landscape, portrait, abstract or figurative, etc.) and the creation is based on knowledge, experience and creative feeling is created. And in order to do that, you should preferably be trained to be able to draw portraits, have perfect brushwork, control the color palette, etc. etc.

Vedic Art lets go of that completely; aided by the 17 painting principles based on the Vedic tradition, your feeling, intuition and your subconscious, you arrive at the spontaneous creation process; a wonderful journey from within, where the work slowly but surely develops intuitively and ultimately unfolds before you in all its glory.

The great thing about Vedic Art is that it removes the barrier resp. removes the prejudice that you need to be educated to create an appealing and satisfying creation!

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