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foundation course


The basic course offers you a way to (re)discover your creativity based on the theory provided and the work created in complete freedom. Intuitively and at the same time playfully, you learn to explore your creative skills and to make contact with your own creative intelligence, which has always been there but could only be unlocked again.
You will alternately become acquainted with the 17 principles and, through drawing and painting exercises, you will increasingly master the Vedic Art ideas. At the same time, you gradually discover the connection between your own life and what develops and appears on your canvas. In this way you spontaneously come into contact with the 3 levels in Vedic Art: the basic knowledge of painting, your personal creativity and your inner consciousness.

During the Vedic Art workshops you work in complete freedom and make your own choices and determine the direction and pace of your creative process. I will be present during the painting sessions, but I will ensure that you can go through your creative process in your own place and at your own pace. Of course I am there for you if you have any questions.
The course takes place over 6 consecutive days from Sunday to Friday, each time from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.


The costs for the basic course are € 319,-; Any additional costs when staying on the domain, feel free to inform yourself about the possibilities. Tea, coffee, spring water and cookies are available during the day; You have to take care of lunch yourself and there are restaurants nearby where you can enjoy Perigordan regional dishes.

Course material

To bring yourself:
- notebook and writing utensils
- sketch paper or pad
- colored pencils
- acrylic paint: black, white and at least 5 colors that you like
- painting canvases:

  • 4 canvases of minimum 50 x 60 cm

  • 1 very small cloth (the smallest you can find)

  • 2 large canvases of approximately 60 x 80 cm

  • PS: you can also opt for acrylic paper instead of canvas, useful when traveling is canvas on a roll, so you can cut the size on site.

- brushes for acrylic: 2 thick, 3 intermediate, 2 thin
- kitchen sponges (to paint background)

- old cloth, possibly kitchen paper

- very strong glue,

- palette or old plate,

- tape (if you prefer to work on paper)

- apron or old shirt

Easels and hardboard (to mount your canvases) are available.



The course takes place at the idyllic Domaine de Montsalvy,

an attractive and very rural domain with 6 holiday apartments

and almost 4 hectares of garden, park, meadow and forests.

When the weather is good we paint outside, on one of the

many terraces or just a place that feels good to you.

Upcoming Courses

The current overview can be found here:

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