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At first it is difficult for me to say what gives me the most satisfaction of all the creation families made, each in its own way, creations have an enormously satisfying effect.

But... I must say that Vedic Art adds, or better said, makes visible a few surprising dimensions to the process of creation. In addition to the satisfaction experienced, I have experienced that Vedic Art is an intuitive way to (re)discover your own creativity and based on the 17 Vedic principles you not only gain more insight into the creation process but also extra insight into yourself and the world we live in.

And wonderfully, numerous synchronicities that preceded the discovery of Vedic Art and that occurred regularly afterwards and still occur, were the best indicator that you are on the right track to follow the ideal path of creation for you. As part of this, new, beautiful authentic people or creators came into my life with whom a unique, universal friendship has developed.

The work that unfolds before you as you discover the creation process comes from your own creative source and once completed the works touches you on a soul level. Vedic Art has 'grabbed' me in such a way that, although I initially only wanted to delve deeper into this painting method, I now also very much want to spread Vedic Art as a teacher to other interested parties.

The great thing about Vedic Art is that no experience is necessary, the less created, the more open-minded and free you can look for the creations that develop intuitively. In addition to the work created, the process, the road to it, is also very educational; after all, the 17 principles have an impact on the canvas as well as in daily life.

I am convinced that with Vedic Art we can not only accelerate the development of our own creativity, but in my opinion we can simultaneously increase the collective creative consciousness of our society. And let's face it, what could be better than making your own creation and at the same time helping to create a more beautiful world...?!

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