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Literature & quotes


Theo Drummen

"The highest personal goal in life is to find out where your unique talents lie. When discovering and deepening your talents, the passion and apparent coincidence are your personal compass"

Napoleon Hill

“Cherish your visions and your dreams as they are the children of your soul;
the blueprints of your ultimate achievements"



Elizabeth Gilbert: “The Big Magic, creative living beyond fear”

Her book describes in an inspiring way how ideas are actually living matter that also has consciousness.

And so it may be that people get ideas because the idea 'visits' them. If the recipient receives the idea with enthusiasm and develops it, then, according to the writer, a wonderful collaboration arises between the idea and the recipient and developer of it. An important indicator of this click between the Idea and the receiver is the fact that a series of synchronous events occur, which allow the receiver to successfully complete the elaboration path. But... she also describes how the idea can leave the recipient and take her elsewhere; she describes incidents from her life where ideas change hands in a miraculous way.

Ellen Nijssen: "Thanks to Dorien, Over the border"

Ellen Nijssen describes in a compelling way how her niece Dorien, after having died in an accident, still remains in her life in a spiritual way and subtle messages are received from 'the other side'. In addition, her and her family's emigration step is described in an illustrative way and last but not least she makes a recognizable comparison between life now and in the past. Without imposing or idealizing things, she takes the reader by the hand and in fact narrates the aspect of 'Across the border, the dividing line between life and death, the border between the past and present, as well as the drastic emigration to la Douce France.

Maryse Allen: "Colors to Freedom, Creativity as a Source of Life"

Maryse movingly describes how her heart condition dominated her young life and her near-death experiences also brought her into contact with the most fantastic colors one can imagine. After successful surgery for the heart condition, she initially experiences contact with the beautiful world of colors as an extraordinary loss; but after she gets to know Vedic Art, this loss makes way for a huge new dimension in her life; She has not only mastered Vedic Art as a method for painting intuitively and in all the colorful splendor, but has now developed into a versatile and inspiring Vedic Art teacher.

Linda Keen: “Intuitive Development”

The book consists of a novel part and a workbook part. The novel section describes how the main character in the novel is gradually initiated into the world of auras and chakras and develops into an energetic healer. For those who are less comfortable with this, the workbook section contains a whole series of interesting exercises that are described very simply and work wonderfully well. The exercises are often based on visualization, a very powerful way to relax, become more balanced and develop your intuition.

Stephen Covey: "The Eighth Habit"

After the best-seller "The Seven Habits", which sold 12 million copies worldwide, Covey aptly indicates in this book that we are no longer in the Industrial Age, where people, just like money and machines, are "resources". being seen. No, says Covey, we have long been in a new era, namely "The Knowledge Workers". An era where people attach importance to being enthusiastic, experiencing passion and feeling important.

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