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sculptures & objects

My passion for sculpture took shape at a very early age. Inspired by my father Jan Drummen, who made numerous beautiful furniture and objects, I created a real candlestick as a 13-year-old boy during the craft class in the 1st class of the Athenaeum of the Bernardinus College in Heerlen. Now I was already making bird houses at an even younger age, but making a wooden mold with 'gouges' (curved wood chisels) and 'driving' an annealed copper plate into it was a different matter. Especially since the central part was made of wood, which had to be meticulously sawn, sanded and varnished and then provided with a copper wrapping strip. And this wrapping strip, just like the copper base, had to be brazed to the central copper rod, which is pointed with a metal file. As if it were yesterday, I still remember these creating steps and the enormous satisfaction and enthusiasm that creating the candlestick gave me. To this day, it still has a prominent place in our home.

In later years I made rustic low tables with tiles on top for many friends. Quite some years later I came to know serpentine - also called soapstone; inspired by serpentine stone exhibitions and workshops at the Africa center in Cadier en Keer by artists from Zimbabwe, I became captivated by this beautiful material and the impressive color shades. The great thing about serpentine stone is that it is a softer type of stone, making all woodworking processes such as sawing, drilling, planing, sanding and polishing possible.

A little later, together with daughter Julie, I also designed the gold piece of jewelry that I had made by the friendly and very skilled goldsmith André Smeets in Maastricht and which has adorned wife Ellen's neck for decades since then. And because of my many creative interests, the serpentine-stone 'Primordial Fish' waited a long time for completion; A 'marriage' between the experiences gained with the candlestick and the serpentine stone carvings. At the same time, a beautiful combination of two parts or beautiful materials: the body made of serpentine stone, the tail made of copper tail fin driven into a wooden mould. At the same time as the website, the 'primeval fish' on 13-1-2024 see the light of day...

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